REVIERSTREDET is a small, unremarkable and rather insignificant street in Oslo. But it’s very close to the rehearsal-space I rented for a number of years. I was passing this little street with the strange name all the time, either on the way to rehearsal or on the way home from Dubliner Pub, and sometimes both. Revierstredet is not a nice place at nighttimes unless you're looking for scantily clad female companionship. However it struck me that Revierstredet might be an interesting band name. So when I in 2014 started working on a new project I went back here, to a street named after a canal that never was built, or was it?

REVIRSTREDET, spelt slightly differently, is the musical hangout of Eivind Sigurd Johansen with friends dropping by or sitting in for music, tea and exchange of ideas.

Coming up is the first album to be released as REVIRSTREDET. The songs were written from 2013 to 2015 and have been recorded and mixed by Jacob Holm Lupo of White Willow and The Opium Cartel. The album is planned for release in February 2018 on the Meteoritt label.

Eivind is the singer and main songwriter in acclaimed Norwegian symph/progressive folk band Kosmoratik.


I wanted this to be a song about hope and being human in a crisis situation, and what unites us as a larger community, regardless of religion and background. For we can’t stop meeting peopIe in need.
I wanted the song to convey a simple honesty and at the same time being both near and grand. There are musical inspirations from The Beatles, progressive rock and folk. Lise Lotte Ågedal from Kosmoratik is joining me as vocalist. Jacob Holm Lupo from "White Willow" and ”The Opium Cartel” plays the synthesizers and percussion.  The song was mixed by Jacob. ”Braveheart” is released on Nordic Records.

All proceeds go to the Norwegian Refugee Council.

I hope you'll enjoy it!


The Dynacord King" is a wistful look at youth, spent playing music with friends in basements and garages and even in a monastry! Influences include Big Star and Robert Wyatt. A pretty tune, but teetering on the edge of something seedier and more psychedelic.  Do give it a listen - it's on spotify too.

Released on Termo Records April 10th 2016


REVIRSTREDET SINGLE - That Day, released Sept 15th 2017

Released 15.september 2017 and from the upcoming album to be released early 2018.
It’s a song about the really big crush and listening to Al Green, or both, with musical references to The Beatles and progressive rock.
The song and upcoming album has been produced together with Jacob Holm Lupo (White Willow, The Opium Cartel) and is scheduled for release in February 2018.
"That Day" is released on the Meteoritt label and is available on all digital platforms





I´ve looked into the abyss
and jumped right into it                                     
What else could I do
How could I resist?

The REVIRSTREDET album is finally released on Meteroritt, February 16th 2018

“REVIRSTREDET"is a pop-rock album with its own unique expression, combining acoustic guitars, synthesizers and vocal harmonies in inventive and bold arrangements.  The sound of the album is open and exploratory through a set of precise and tunefully strong songs. The lyrics are reflective commentaries on time, life’s sad or glorious moments and life itself.

"REVIRSTREDET" is mixed by Jacob Holm Lupo and produced by Jacob Holm Lupo and Eivind Sigurd Johansen. The songs are written and performed by Eivind S. Johansen

The musicians that contribute to the album are besides Jacob Holm Lupo (White Willow and The Opium Cartel); Arthur Kay Piene (The Switch, Dr. Kay and The Interstellar Tone Scientists), Helge Hovland (Slagsvold and Depress), Ole Tom Torjussen (Annette Gil and Aunt Mary), Aslak Hartberg (Klovner i Kamp), Ketil Vestrum Einarsen (White Willow and Weserbergland), Kristian Wentzel and Lise Lotte Ågedal from Kosmoratik.

Albumcover; "But where to go" by Wenche Nag

Meteoritt is a tiny, artist-driven record label in Oslo. The label concentrates on music created with high artistic involvement, and is run by Cecilie Heramb.