So how did I get here?

Well, mostly through a series of false starts, sudden endings and broken promises. My modus operandi seemed for a long time to be backing down at the last minute, just before things were getting serious or trying to stay out of the serious mode altogether. I used to be a bass player, although never a good one.  My sense of rhythm works in mysterious way, sometimes elegant and advanced. But for most of the time rather sloppy, like Keith Richards on a new drug. But I had ambitions of becoming a songwriter. And I was told I was quite good at it too. I could be hopelessly arrogant and insecure. (The late 70s was an excellent time for such feelings.) But for music it was even better! Growing up and listening to all that great music coming out of radios and sound-systems everywhere; The Beatles, Santana, David Bowie, Yes, Genesis, Patti Smith, Television and the first wave of reggae and punk. Yes, playing in a band was all I wanted to do. And that's where a long and strange trip started. 

To me progressive rock is about fresh thinking free from genres and subgenres, with fun and a sense of urgency. I am a great fan of the first wave of progressive rock and the music introduced by labels such as Harvest, Vertigo, Island and Virgin. To me that's what progressive rock is all about.