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In case of (Spiritual) Emergency

The name Revirstredet derives from Revierstredet, which is a small, unremarkable and rather insignificant street in Oslo. Close to the rehearsal-space I used for some years. Revierstredet is not a nice place at night times, unless you are looking for “short-term female companionship”. But it did strike me as an interesting name.

When I started working on this project, I returned to this street, named after a canal that never was built. Revierstredet; spelt slightly differently (Revirstredet), became my Brill Building when writing the words and music that make up this trilogy of songs. I had ambitions I wanted to explore. The songs should be short and based on strong melodic content. The arrangements and instrumentation was not to follow any preset thinking, mode or genre.

And I wanted the music to to cover a wide range of musical influences, from the innocence of sixties-pop to progressive rock, the beeps and bops of analog synthesizers and not forgetting folk and the great singer/songwriters.

Revirstredet: beginning & process

Recordings started in October 2014, before coming to an abrupt ending two years later. At that time 30 songs had been recorded. By then, the words and the music had taken on a life of their own, deciding where to go and what to look into.

I was writing songs on instruments I really didn’t know how to play. A hurricane of creativity, as well as inner turmoil, would toss me wildly around. I became mysteriously ill.

For a long time I looked for explanations elsewhere, until coming to terms with being in the midst of a spiritual emergency. There’s a sense of urgency to these songs. Without much fuzz, if any at all, the first album was released in February 2018.

By then, I had left the project in a raw and unfinished state.

About the material

The songs relate to each other and tell different parts of the story, from the perspectives of a novice or a spiritual chicken. That chicken being me. The cover-art is by Wenche Nag. The title for the photograph on the first album; »But where to go?» is strangely accurate.

It took some time completing and mixing the remaining songs. I had found myself lost, somewhere deep in the jungle. Learning how to operate this particular compass is not easy. The needle may twist and turn in all kind of directions. And if there is a map; it’s not likely to be trusted.

Thanks to the friends and musicians that contributed so generously to this project; Jacob Holm-Lupo, Ole Tom Torjussen, Helge Hovland and Annette Gil.




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