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Kosmoratik – Symphonic Progressive music


Kosmoratik - Band, full


Being the main songwriter and singer in acclaimed symphonic progressive band Kosmoratik, I released three long playing albums «Gravitation» (2012), «Bridges and Boats» (2013) and «Kosmoratik» (2017) as well as the mini-album «Directions» (2014)

At the time “Bridges and Boats” was released, the band appeared on the TV-show “God Morgen Norge“. It was a great boost for us. We were joyfully exited when arriving the studio in the early hours. Yet, I’m looking so serious, I’m in danger of falling over.

Rather strangely, Kosmoratik made its final live appearance only a couple of weeks afterwards. Our albums got great reviews, one such is to the right. Click the image to see the review in full size.

But at home in Norway we didn’t seem to find an audience. The end of Kosmoratik was also the beginning of this project. And it is a connection from here to the songs on the final album. «Gravitation» and «Bridges and Boats» are still available on vinyl through Råkk & Rålls in Oslo.

Listen to both albums below. 





Bridges and boats

Komoratik - Bridges and boats

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